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I’m shocked that dozens of six second long Vine videos strung up together can be such a beautiful experience. As the world grows more connected, so does art. Sure, this is an advertisement organized by Airbnb, but advertising has been used as a vehicle for art for hundreds of years. Do you think all of Michael Angelo and DaVinci’s paintings were created merely for the sake of art? No, they were painted on commission, and despite money being a motivating factor they still created works of art that lives on through the ages. Modern-day advertising is doing what the dukes and the church of Renaissance Italy did, hiring great talent to beautify the world a little more. The intentions may be for selling product, but great art is being made nonetheless.

"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising." -Mark Twain

I’m in need of inspiration. Tell me your stories, ask me questions, tell me what’s troubling you or what’s making you happy right now, tell me about who and what you love. I want to get to know you, my dear followers. Inspiration always tends to come when I get to learn something new about someone.

Tell me your stories.

I Want You To Want Me - Letters To Cleo

If you’re a 90’s kid and this song doesn’t overwhelm you with memories of your childhood then I don’t know what will. 10 Things I Hate About will always have a place in my heart as my favorite high school movie of all-time. What is more perfect than modern teen re-telling of a classic Shakespeare play starring Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon Levitt? Nothing is more perfect, nothing at all. This movie and Lion King taught me that Shakespeare can be cool. Also, this amazing Letters To Cleo cover will forever be associated in my mind with this film and all of my 90’s kid dreams with it.

Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want. Go for it.”

I’m too much fun with my iMac camera. Happy first day of spring, everyone!

In The Beginning,There Was Nothing - Clint Mansell

When I first saw the trailer for Noah, I let out a massive groan. Why was my favorite director using his carte blanche to adapt a bland biblical story? It was ludicrous, especially after being blown away by the sheer originality he create in all his films. The Fountain, Requiem for a Dream, and Black Swan are films unlike anything I have seen before. However, the story Noah’s Ark is ancient and often told in the cloying manner. A man sent by God saves all of the cute animals from a massive flood. Oh how sweet of him! We all know by now that Aronofsky is not for everyone. His films often assault the viewers with hyper-stylized visual symbolism while foregoing all narrative standards. This is precisely why I love Aronofsky’s films. Despite my doubts, Noah is an artful and abstract film in epic big-budget glory.

The beauty of Noah is all in the filmmaking with shots that take you on this mystical journey. Aronofsky’s constructed a world where magic exist and miracles can happen. The film doesn’t explain all of the rules, but I loved that I was thrusted into a world that I didn’t fully understand, a world so ancient that it feels extraterrestrial. This film is pure escapist art.

"He chose you because you saw the wickedness of man and knew you wouldn’t look away. But there is goodness too."

Chord Simple - Broadcast

What if déjà vu is a momentary peek into another universe? Perhaps when parallel universes aligned for a short stint of time we establish a connection to this alternate reality and we feel something twice over. Maybe déjà vu is a sign of multiple paths crossing and the sense that we can only take one path, but still able to feel for a brief second how everything could turn out in another world.

“with shrunken fingers
we ate our oranges and bread,
shivering in the parked car;
though we know we had never
been there before,
we knew we had been there before.” -Margaret Atwood

Ugh, dude. There are few things on this site that titillate me. You and your erotic anons are one of them. — Asked by peopleaskingwhy

Well then, this just means I need to respond to more erotic anons to let the titillation continue.

There is too little erotica on tumblr. Everything on here is sex gifs and objectified images of women. People have forgotten that words can be as or even more arousing than images. Erotica is not about that instant gratification which everyone seems to be obsessed with nowadays, that impulse to fuck as fast and hard as possible. The beauty of erotica is in the buildup and in the way it appeals to our emotions and desires. Erotica revels in the slowness of sex, letting the tension build till the passion ferociously breaks free. That’s why I welcome any and all erotic anons, it’s fun to collaborate and make something beautiful together.

In your arms. Between your lips. Anchored beneath you. Tangled up with you. These are the places I’d rather be tonight. Your kiss, your breath, the skin on your neck. These are the tastes I crave. — Asked by Anonymous

Nuzzled in your neck. The tip of my fingers circling the small of your back. Our lips aligned. Our tongues intertwined. Forgetting to breathe as we kiss madly through the night. The softness of your skin touching mine. The scent of our lovemaking emanating through the air. Sweet nothings and moans echoing in our ears. This is what I need in my life; you and I engulfed in passion as the world fades away and time stands still with your hand in mine.

We Used To Wait - Arcade Fire

It’s time to make a change. My life has been plagued by sameness, mostly because I dream more than I act. My mind is constantly swimming in a endless fantasy. I have been waiting for inspiration, meandering through the days as I sink into a deeper malaise, yearning for that sudden rush of genius. But there shall be no more yearning, no more meandering, no more waiting. I must seek inspiration by diving head-first into the unknown, saying yes to the things that are out of my comfort, to go somewhere far away from here on a whim. I once heard that the only way to make changes in life is by taking massive action. There are moments in my life where I did take massive action by consuming every hour in the day and immersing myself into creating that change in my life. It was wonderful because passion fiercely pumped through my veins. I need to do that again, take action so massive that I am consumed by causing ripples through my life and the lives I touch. I used to wait, but now it’s time to move without looking back.

"It seems strange how we used to wait for letters to arrive, but what’s stranger still is how something so small can keep you alive."

It has taken me twenty-five years of countless perusing though crowded city streets all over the world and today by pure chance while I was enjoying a Ramen Burger I have found him. This is a glorious day.

It has taken me twenty-five years of countless perusing though crowded city streets all over the world and today by pure chance while I was enjoying a Ramen Burger I have found him. This is a glorious day.