When We First Met - Hellogoodbye

A stranger walks into your life and before a word is even spoken, both of you establish this strong and piercing eye contact. A powerful meeting of the eyes that digs deep into your true self. It’s the secret in the someone’s eyes, the only domain where you cannot hide anything. Sure when you first meet someone that initial peek into the windows of each others souls lasts for only a few seconds, but so much information packed with emotion is magically transmitted in that brief encounter. Thus, that is where my question arises, does the coveted “love at first sight” really exist? Can you, only within the first couple of seconds of meeting a person, look into their eyes and automatically know they are the right one for you? Our eyes speak a language like any other, except it speaks on a different level. It’s like math and English (contrary to Spanish and English), both are languages that convey meaning but they are spoken in different levels. Well, our eyes powerfully communicate on a deeper and more emotional level, really digging into our subconscious mind and influencing how we feel.

"All I see is where our days repeat and our love goes on as our hair grows long."

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    This day one year ago. Still can’t believe I’ve only known you for that long… :)
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    My first 2014 feel good song. By good I mean incredible.
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    This song is awesome!
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    It’s one of those feelings that is difficult to truly explain until you’ve experienced it yourself. Have I? Yeah, sure....
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  23. sagerabelaissoul answered: No doubt. When the Universe conspires to have the hormonal harpstrings of two people resonate it is like being zapped by a cosmic detonation
  24. bodhisattva-belladonna answered: i do, i have. we still love eachother to this day. it’s more complicated then you think.
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