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On Hedonism:

Hedonism is the belief that pleasure is the only intrinsic good in this world, that if you are enjoying your life to the very maximum you are ultimately doing the world a favor. However there lies a huge misconception with hedonism, people believe it’s living in excess. In other words, they think hedonism is taking tons of drugs, drinking way too much alcohol, and being self-destructive. That’s not hedonism, that is stupidity. Hedonism is more akin to the Taoist philosophy of going with the flow, of savoring every single second of life, and of constantly living in moment and nowhere else. For example if you are drinking tea, you should savor every flavor in that tea, let the world fade away and the tea itself become the only thing you think about. Or when having sex; forget about the world outside, leave the past and the future alone, and for the moments of heated passion together time no longer exist. The only thing that matters is you and whoever you are making love to, nothing else. Hedonism is about letting go of your inhibitions and being free to explore the things that give you maximum pleasure, because there nothing wrong with enjoying things in life. You can do good and enjoy it at the same time. You can drink, eat, laugh, and love as much as you desire. Most of us are in a desert walking past an oasis and not stopping for a drink. We deny ourselves the pleasures of the world because we fear being judged or worse we fear that we might like so much we’ll never stop. Do whatever makes you happy, because if you are happy the world is happy. Good vibes spread around when you are constantly in a state of pleasure. That is real hedonism my friends.

"Why not seize the pleasure at once, how often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparations." -Jane Austen

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