The Thoughts That Give Me The Creeps - Hellogoodbye

People are always rushing things. I never understood this collective hurry we all seem to have. People rush through college and their careers as if time were running out faster and faster. People lunge themselves into relationships, loving fast and then falling hard. When I roam the corridors of the Museum of Modern Art I see everyone breezing past everything too quickly without stopping to take in the art. People eat too fast, sleep too little, travel too quickly, and live in a constant hurry. Even when it comes to writing, we now count on twitter to condense our thoughts into about two sentences never giving the chance for our expressive selves to fully develop. In this regard I have always felt left out because while the entire world seems to be moving at an insane pace, I’m here taking my sweet time. I learn nonchalantly, I eat at a leisurely pace, I gaze at art as if I had all the time in the world, I stroll rather than dash through the crowded streets of New York, and I love slowly. I have realized that life isn’t actually short, it’s long, I have all the time in the world. People who live every day like their last and say that life can disappear at any moment are usually the ones who die young. I live everyday as if it were my first with an entire lifetime ahead of me. Maybe I’m just an naive optimist who hasn’t realized his mortality yet, but there is no doubt that I feel perfectly chill. I rather take one step at a time than desperately leap only to tragically fall.

"I woke up young in lovers love and I felt my luck when I felt your touch."

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  27. hyrulians said: You know, you’re just my favourite. This description is basically how I feel about life and living too.