Can You Tell - Ra Ra Riot

Remember those instances when someone smiled at you and you just melted? Unable to keep your composure as butterflies swarmed your stomach. When that person started speaking to you and you started to accidentally trip on your words, nervousness building up. When you get awkward around that person, because you are trying so hard to make that lasting impression. When all your thoughts are preoccupied with fantasies of being with your crush. Despite all the accidental bouts of awkwardness, you enter a complete state of euphoria. A intense array of emotions overtakes you, that powerful feeling of infatuation becomes your sole thought, and you experience that strong motivation to have those feeling reciprocated. That is called limerence, it’s the biological/chemical processes that happens when you fall in love, whether it’s at first sight or after decades of being together. Hormones are pumped through your body and dopamine levels skyrocket, causing that wonderful high stronger than any drug can achieve. In reality, love is the ultimate drug, and we are all addicted. Once you start feeling it, you never want to stop.

This wonderful song by Ra Ra Riot perfectly captures that feeling.

"When I look into your eyes I tend to lose my thoughts."

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    this song makes me so happy just thinking about people in general having these kinds of feelings for each other bc it is...
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    Can You Tell - Ra Ra Riot “When I look into your eyes I tend to lose my thoughts.”
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    Currently missing this feeling. Also, what a great song!
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    Remember those endeavours to catch your eye and smile. R.
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    just in case you have no idea of how i came about with my tumblr URL, or have been curious.
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    this song always reminds me of you.
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  17. hardheadedhooligan said: This has go to be one of the more major coincidences in my life. As this song came on my iTunes I scrolled down to this on my dash. This coincidence is slightly lessened by the fact that I listen to this song about 30 times a day.
  18. denise-mun said: i think this has to be my favourite song. it’s the one i always have on repeat.