Today I’m listening to Plants and Animals, Band of Horses, Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes, Department Of Eagles, Deer Tick, and Grizzly Bear. Yep, I’m having a very hipster Earth Day indeed. =)

What “environmentally friendly” bands are you listening to today?

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  1. ijol answered: Niki & The Dove, Gregory & The Hawk, Ice Choir, Tame Impala, and Youth Lagoon
  2. matttheasian answered: yeasayer!
  3. scarletyvonne said: this. i like.
  4. andwewillallshineon said: Animal Collective is the absolute best.
  5. utspiro answered: i didn’t know fleet foxes were envicronmentally friendly?!
  6. tomorrowsmodernthom said: Perfect taste
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